Passover (Pesach)

Making the Seder Memorable

Passover begins Friday evening, April 3, and ends Saturday evening, April 11. This year, try our ten tips to spice up your seder and keep it exciting for all participants.

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The Seder

The Passover Seder

The Passover Seder

An overview of this beloved ritual.

The Seder Plate

The placement and symbolism of the items on the seder plate.

New Haggadot

New haggadot bring fresh perspectives to the holiday of Passover.

Passover 101

Brush up on the basics of this spring festival.


Where to look online for a Passover Haggadah.




A recipe for the fruit-and-nut mortar of the seder plate.

Matzah Balls

A slightly different take on the classic matzah ball.


An easy recipe with old-world Jewish charm.

Flourless Chocolate Cake

A simple and decadent dessert for Passover--and year-round.

Index of Passover Recipes

A complete set of recipes for a delicious Passover.

Matzah & Hametz

Cleaning for Passover

Cleaning for Passover

Plus, how to make sure Passover utensils are kosher.


Unleavened bread is the central Passover symbol.

Tehine for Passover

Cleaning for Passover can be a spiritual experience.

Selling Hametz

Can I do it myself?

Matzah Covers, Afikomen Bags

Buy everything you need for the seder, from seder plates to Elijah's cups to matzah covers, and more.

Celebrate Freedom



Key words and phrases for Passover.

Matzah & Morality

Unleavened bread represents both slavery and freedom.

Green Passover

An environmentalist reconnects with Passover's roots.

Supplementary Readings

Remembering the oppressed--and others in need--at the seder.

The Passover Anthology

This volume by Philip Goodman describes the traditions, food, and prayers of Passover.

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